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Tetyukhina, D. (author), Van Vliet, L.J. (author), Luthi, S.M. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
Fluvio-deltaic sedimentary systems are of great interest for explorationists because they can form prolific hydrocarbon plays. However, they are also among the most complex and heterogeneous ones encountered in the subsurface, and potential reservoir units are often close to or below seismic resolution. For seismic inversion, it is therefore...
journal article 2010
El Allouche, N. (author), Drijkoningen, G.G. (author), Versteeg, W. (author), Ghose, R. (author)
Seismic waves converted from compressional to shear mode in the shallow subsurface can be useful not only for obtaining shear-wave velocity information but also for improved processing of deeper reflection data. These waves generated at deep seas have been used successfully in hydrocarbon exploration; however, acquisition of good-quality...
journal article 2011