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Ruigrok, E.N. (author)
Seismology is the study of the vibration of the Earth. Seismologists pay much attention to the main source of Earth vibration: earthquakes. But also other seismic sources, like mining blasts, ocean storms and windmills, are studied. All these sources induce seismic waves, which can eventually be recorded as ground vibrations. These seismic...
doctoral thesis 2012
Ruigrok, E.N. (author), Draganov, D.S. (author), Wapenaar, K. (author)
Progress in the imaging of the mantle and core is partially limited by the sparse distribution of natural sources; the earthquake hypocenters are mainly along the active lithospheric plate boundaries. This problem can be approached with seismic interferometry. In recent years, there has been considerable progress in the development of seismic...
journal article 2008