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Chen, Y. (author)
This thesis presents the development of low-noise CMOS image sensors for radio-molecular imaging. The development is described in two directions: firstly, from the technology point of view to reduce the pixel noise level, and secondly from the design point of view to reduce the pixel readout circuits noise level. With respect to the SNR and...
doctoral thesis 2012
Chen, Y. (author), Theuwissen, A.J.P. (author), Chae, Y. (author)
This paper presents a low noise CMOS image sensor (CIS) using 10/12 bit configurable column-parallel single slope ADCs (SS-ADCs) and digital correlated multiple sampling (CMS). The sensor used is a conventional 4T active pixel with a pinned-photodiode as photon detector. The test sensor was fabricated in a 0.18 colonm CMOS image sensor process...
journal article 2011