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Del Grosso, M. (author), Tsekos, C. (author), de Jong, W. (author)
abstract 2018
Brand, Alexander (author), Bollinger, Daan (author), de Jong, P. (author), van der Voordt, Theo (author)
Due to structural changes in laws and regulations and ways of financing, Dutch health care organisations are in a phase of reorientation and transition. As such, many strategical issues have to be solved that will influence their corporate real estate strategy. In such a dynamic context real estate represents a high risk. The transition requires...
abstract 2017
Del Grosso, M. (author), de Jong, W. (author)
In the global chase towards sustainability and cleaner ways of generating power, the utilization of biomass for clean energy conversion process has become increasingly interesting as biomass is potentially a CO2-neutral energy source. Among the processes known to produce power, gasification represents an...
abstract 2016