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Konat, G.D.P. (author), Steindorfer, M.J. (author), Erdweg, S.T. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Context. <br/>Software development pipelines are used for automating essential parts of software engineering processes, such as build automation and continuous integration testing. In particular, interactive pipelines, which process events in a live environment such as an IDE, require timely results for low-latency feedback, and persistence to...
journal article 2018
Hemel, Z. (author), Groenewegen, D.M. (author), Kats, L.C.L. (author), Visser, E. (author)
Modern web application development frameworks provide web application developers with highlevel abstractions to improve their productivity. However, their support for static verification of applications is limited. Inconsistencies in an application are often not detected statically, but appear as errors at run-time. The reports about these...
report 2010
Groenewegen, D.M. (author), Visser, E. (author)
Data validation rules constitute the constraints that data input and processing must adhere to in addition to the structural constraints imposed by a data model. Web modeling tools do not make all types of data validation explicit in their models, hampering full code generation and model expressivity. Web application frameworks do not offer a...
journal article 2010