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Tu, Q. (author), de Haan, J. (author), Boelhouwer, P.J. (author)
House price modeling has been frequently used to investigate the dynamics of housing markets, especially competitive markets; yet less attention has been given to markets that have experienced considerable interventions. The aim of this study is to demonstrate a mismatch between conventional house price models and the case of the Netherlands...
journal article 2016
Boelhouwer, P.J. (author), Priemus, H. (author)
This paper describes to what extent a more or less collective feeling of urgency to reform the Dutch housing market is addressed in the political arena. By doing that, it sheds some light on the effectiveness and influence of academic research and recommendations on the political decision making process. We conclude that the suggestion of...
journal article 2012
De Vries, P. (author), Boelhouwer, P.J. (author)
The literature on housing markets suggests that house prices in almost all western economies can be explained by short-run demand-oriented variables and a long- run term. The basic principles of the theory are that the short-run fluctuations, which are based on recent price developments (shocks), occur due to market imperfection, while over the...
journal article 2009