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Latkowski, S (author), Hänsel, A. (author), Van Veldhoven, P. J. (author), D’Agostino, D. (author), Rabbani-Haghighi, H. (author), Docter, B. (author), Bhattacharya, N. (author), Thijs, P. J A (author), Ambrosius, H. P M M (author), Smit, M (author), Bente, E.A.J.M. (author)
We present a widely tunable extended cavity ring laser operating at 2 μm that is monolithically integrated on an indium phosphide substrate. The photonic integrated circuit is designed and fabricated within a multiproject wafer run using a generic integration technology platform. The laser features an intracavity tuning mechanism based on...
journal article 2016