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Veerbeek, W. (author), Denekew, H. (author), Pathirana, A. (author), Brdjanovic, D. (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Bacchin, T.K. (author)
The consequences of urban growth on the exposure, sensitivity but also as a driver of flooding are often underexposed. Yet, the rate of current urbanization is unprecedented and might increase future flood risk dramatically. To gain insight in this issue, a study on urban development has been performed using 3 case study areas: the megacities of...
conference paper 2011
Kuzniecow Bacchin, T. (author), Ashley, R. (author), Sijmons, D.F. (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Van Timmeren, A. (author)
Cities exhibit unique and ever-changing spatial layouts formed by nested natural and socio-economic systems, sub-systems and components resulting from exchange, interaction, and interdependency processes. In this context, managing surface water in urban areas requires new approaches that integrate the knowledge about territorial patterns and...
conference paper 2014