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Zhang, L. (author), Slob, E.C. (author), van der Neut, J.R. (author), Staring, M. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
We present a one-dimensional lossless scheme to compute an image of a dissipative medium from two single-sided reflection responses. One reflection response is measured at or above the top reflector of a dissipative medium and the other reflection response is computed as if measured at or above the top reflector of a medium with negative...
conference paper 2016
Wang, X. (author), Xing, F. (author), Zhang, M. (author), Han, N. (author), Qian, Z. (author)
The recovery behavior for strength and impermeability of cementitious composites embedded with organic microcapsules was investigated in this study. Mortar specimens were formed by mixing the organic microcapsules and a catalyst with cement and sand. The mechanical behaviors of flexural and compression strength were tested. The results showed...
journal article 2013
Zhang, M. (author), Han, N. (author), Xing, F. (author), Wang, X. (author), Schlangen, H.E.J.G. (author)
An international cooperation research project has been financially supported by China Nature Science Foundation, which consists of three relatively independent, but strategically integrated research sub-programs, aiming at the formation of a selfhealing system based on the microcapsule principle for the cementitious composites. In this paper, a...
conference paper 2013