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Zhang, H. (author), Liu, Chun Xiao (author), Gazibegovic, S. (author), Xu, D. (author), Logan, John A. (author), Wang, G. (author), Bommer, J.D.S. (author), de Moor, M.W.A. (author), Car, D. (author), op het Veld, R.L.M. (author), Van Veldhoven, Petrus J. (author), Kölling, S. (author), Verheijen, M.P.A.M. (author), Pendharkar, Mihir (author), Pennachio, Daniel J. (author), Shojaei, Borzoyeh (author), Lee, Joon Sue (author), Palmstrøm, Chris J. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Sarma, S. Das (author), Kouwenhoven, Leo P. (author)
Majorana zero-modes - a type of localized quasiparticle - hold great promise for topological quantum computing. Tunnelling spectroscopy in electrical transport is the primary tool for identifying the presence of Majorana zero-modes, for instance as a zero-bias peak in differential conductance. The height of the Majorana zero-bias peak is...
journal article 2018
Yin, L.J. (author), Ji, Wei Wei (author), Liu, Shi Yu (author), He, Wei Dong (author), Zhao, Lin (author), Xu, Xin (author), Fabre, A. (author), Dierre, B.F.P.R. (author), Lee, Ming Hsien (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Hintzen, H.T.J.M. (author)
showing similar crystal structure. In this work, an alternative low temperature synthesis method is...
journal article 2016
Klimczuk, T. (author), Wang, C.H. (author), Lawrence, J.M. (author), Xu, Q. (author), Durakiewicz, T. (author), Ronning, F. (author), Llobet, A. (author), Trouw, F. (author), Kurita, N. (author), Tokiwa, Y. (author), Lee, H. (author), Booth, C.H. (author), Gardner, J.S. (author), Bauer, E.D. (author), Joyce, J.J. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author), Movshovich, R. (author), Cava, R.J. (author), Thompson, J.D. (author)
We report extensive measurements on a new compound (Yb0.24Sn0.76)Ru that crystallizes in the cubic CsCl structure. Valence-band photoemission (PES) and L3 x-ray absorption show no divalent component in the 4f configuration of Yb. Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) indicates that the eight-fold degenerate J-multiplet of Yb3+ is split by the...
journal article 2011