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Tümer, N. (author), Arbabi, V. (author), Gielis, Willem Paul (author), de Jong, Pim A. (author), Weinans, H.H. (author), Tuijthof, Gabrielle J.M. (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author)
The bones forming the talocrural joint (TCJ) and subtalar joint (STJ) are often assumed to be bilaterally symmetric. Therefore, the contralateral limb (i.e. the fibula, tibia, calcaneus and talus) is used as a template or an intra-subject control in clinical and research practice. However, the validity of the symmetry assumption is...
journal article 2019
Kuperus, J.S. (author), Smit, E.J.M. (author), Pouran, B. (author), van Hamersvelt, R.W. (author), van Stralen, Marijn (author), Seevinck, PR (author), Buckens, C.F. (author), Bleys, Ronald L.A.W. (author), Weinans, H.H. (author), Oner, F. C. (author), de Jong, P.A. (author), Verlaan, J-J (author)
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) is often theorized to be an ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL). Using computed tomography (CT) imaging and cryomacrotome sectioning, we investigated the spatial relationship between the ALL and newly formed bone in DISH to test this hypothesis. In the current study, four...
journal article 2018
Siebelt, M (author), Korthagen, NM (author), Wei, W. (author), Groen, H (author), Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, YM (author), Müller, C (author), Waarsing, JH (author), de Jong, M (author), Weinans, H.H. (author)
journal article 2015