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Bos, R.A. (author), Haarman, CJW (author), Stortelder, T. (author), Nizamis, K (author), Herder, J.L. (author), Stienen, AHA (author), Plettenburg, D.H. (author)
The development of dynamic hand orthoses is a fast-growing field of research and has resulted in many different devices. A large and diverse solution space is formed by the various mechatronic components which are used in these devices. They are the result of making complex design choices within the constraints imposed by the application, the...
journal article 2016
Lobo-Prat, J. (author), Kooren, P.N. (author), Stienen, A.H.A. (author), Herder, J.L. (author), Koopman, B.F.J.M. (author), Veltink, P.H. (author)
Active movement-assistive devices aim to increase the quality of life for patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders. This technology requires interaction between the user and the device through a control interface that detects the user’s movement intention. Researchers have explored a wide variety of invasive and non-invasive control...
journal article 2014