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van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author), Prevosth, J. (author), van der Zwart, J. (author)
Purpose: To explore if and how Dutch hospital managers steer on adding value by well-considered Facility Management (FM) and Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM), which values are leading, and how adding value is being translated into concrete interventions. Methodology: In addition to a review of literature, eighteen interviews have been...
book chapter 2012
van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author)
This book chapter presents an overview of many publications on adding value through corporate and public real estate, in chronological order. It discusses the concepts of added value and adding value, various value parameters, the relationships between input-throughput-output-outcome, and how to manage adding value by CREM in four steps. A such...
book chapter 2016