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Nichele, Fabrizio (author), Suominen, Henri J. (author), Kjaergaard, Morten (author), Marcus, Charles M. (author), Sajadi, Ebrahim (author), Folk, Joshua A. (author), Qu, F. (author), Beukman, A.J.A. (author), de Vries, F.K. (author), van Veen, J. (author), Nadj-Perge, S. (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
We present transport and scanning SQUID measurements on InAs/GaSb double quantum wells, a system predicted to be a two-dimensional topological insulator. Top and back gates allow independent control of density and band offset, allowing tuning from the trivial to the topological regime. In the trivial regime, bulk conductivity is quenched but...
journal article 2016