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Philipsen, R.M. (author), Morales Espana, G. (author), de Weerdt, M.M. (author), de Vries, Laurens (author)
Day-ahead electricity markets are inefficient due to their coarse discretisation of time and their representation of electricity production and consumption in energy per time interval. This leads to excessive costs and infeasible schedules in the market clearing results. Some real-world systems have increased the resolution to improve accuracy,...
journal article 2018
Poplavskaya, Ksenia (author), de Vries, Laurens (author)
The aggregator has been touted as the key enabler of active engagement of distributed energy resources and promises to contribute to greater economic efficiency in the European balancing markets by providing cheap sources of flexibility. This paper presents an empirical analysis of how aggregators organize themselves in relation to other...
conference paper 2018
Poplavskaya, K. (author), de Vries, Laurens (author)
Thanks to new technological advancements and EU policy impulse, distributed energy resources (DER) are poised to become a viable alternative to conventional electricity generation for the provision of balancing services to transmission system operators. In this paper we show that the design variables that affect DER access to and...
journal article 2019