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Boelhouwer, P.J. (author), Haagsma, Jan (author), Heijsman, Stoffel (author), Wachtmeester, Jan (author)
Dit rapport betreft de visitatie van TBV Wonen over de periode 2013 t/m 2016.
report 2017
Havelaar, A.H. (author), Van Rosse, F. (author), Bucura, C. (author), Toetenel, M.A. (author), Haagsma, J.A. (author), Kurowicka, D. (author), Heesterbeek, J.A.P. (author), Speybroeck, N. (author), Langelaar, M.F.M. (author), Cooke, R.M. (author)
Background: To support the development of early warning and surveillance systems of emerging zoonoses, we present a general method to prioritize pathogens using a quantitative, stochastic multi-criteria model, parameterized for the Netherlands. Methodology/Principal Findings: A risk score was based on seven criteria, reflecting assessments of...
journal article 2010
Holthuijsen, L.H. (author), Booij, N. (author), Haagsma, Y.G. (author), Kieftenburg, A.T.M.M. (author), Kriezi, E. (author)
This report briefly describes the development of the SWAN model compared to the previous authorized version, SWAN 40.01. The most recent version of SWAN, SWAN 40.11 Cycle III was released on the 26th of October 2000.
report 2001