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Kramer, O.J.I. (author), de Moel, P.J. (author), Baars, E.T. (author), van Vugt, W.H. (author), van der Hoek, J.P. (author)
Natural particles are frequently applied in drinking water treatment in up-flow fluidisation processes. Additionally, sedimentation processes are applied to clarify water and to concentrate solids. To estimate the terminal settling velocity of single solid particles in a liquid system, a comprehensive collection of equations is available. For...
conference paper 2017
Kramer, O. (author), Jobse, M.A. (author), Baars, E.T. (author), van der Helm, A.W.C. (author), Colin, M.G. (author), Kors, L.J. (author), van Vugt, W.H. (author)
Softening at drinking water treatment plants is often realised by fluidised bed pellet reactors. Generally, sand is used as seeding material and pellets are produced as a by-product. To improve to sustainability, research has been carried out to replace the seeding material by re-using grained and sieved calcite pellets as seeding material. An...
conference paper 2015