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Lu, Xingyuan (author), Zhao, C.L. (author), Shao, Y. (author), Zeng, Jun (author), Konijnenberg, A.P. (author), Zhu, Xinlei (author), Popov, Sergei (author), Urbach, H.P. (author), Cai, Yangjian (author)
In the theory of partial coherence, coherence singularities can occur in the spectral degree of coherence (SDOC): in case the fields at two different points are completely uncorrelated, the phase of the SDOC is undefined. For a partially coherent vortex beam, the detection of coherence singularities is linked to the measurement of topological...
journal article 2019
Shao, Y. (author), Lu, Xingyuan (author), Konijnenberg, A.P. (author), Zhao, C.L. (author), Cai, Yangjian (author), Urbach, H.P. (author)
The complete characterization of spatial coherence is extremely di cult because the mutual coherence function (MCF) is a complex-valued function of four independent Cartesian coordinates. This di culty limits the ability to control and to optimize the spatial coherence in a broad range of key applications. Here we propose an e cient and...
journal article 2018