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Pigmans, K.A.M. (author), Aldewereld, Huib (author), Doorn, N. (author), Dignum, V (author)
Decision-making processes in policy making with multiple-stakeholders can be complex because of the technically advanced systems that are decided upon, e.g. water management systems. But the complexity is often also caused by social dependencies and interests at stake. This can lead to processes in which stakeholders firmly defend their...
conference paper 2016
Doorn, N. (author)
Water is recognized to pose some very urgent questions in the near future. A significant number of people are deprived of clean drinking water and sanitation services, with an accordingly high percentage of people dying from water borne diseases. At the same time, an increasing percentage of the global population lives in areas that are at risk...
conference paper 2012
Pigmans, K.A.M. (author), Aldewereld, Huib (author), Dignum, V (author), Doorn, N. (author)
Decision-making processes involving multiple stakeholders can be rather cumbersome, turbulent and lengthy. The stance of some stakeholders, upholding their individual interests, can slowdown or even block such processes. Recent research suggests that a focus on the values of the stakeholders could benefit those decision-making processes. However...
conference paper 2017