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Banciu, H.L. (author), Sorokin, D.Y. (author), Tourova, T.P. (author), Galinski, E.A. (author), Muntyan, M.S. (author), Kuenen, J.G. (author), Muyzer, G. (author)
A chemolithoautotrophic sulfur-oxidizing bacterium (SOB) strain ALCO 1 capable of growing at both near-neutral and extremely alkaline pH was isolated from hypersaline soda lakes in S-W Siberia (Altai, Russia). Strain ALCO 1 represents a novel separate branch within the halothiobacilli in the Gammaproteobacteria, which, so far, contained only...
journal article 2008
Sorokin, D.Yu. (author), Tourova, T.P. (author), Galinski, E.A. (author), Belloch, C. (author), Tindall, B.J. (author)
journal article 2006
Sorokin, D.Y. (author), Tourova, T.P. (author), Kolganova, T.V. (author), Detkova, E.N. (author), Galinski, E.A. (author), Muyzer, G. (author)
Soda lake sediments usually contain high concentrations of sulfide indicating active sulfate reduction. Monitoring of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) in soda lakes demonstrated a dominance of two groups of culturable SRB belonging to the order Desulfovibrionales specialized in utilization of inorganic electron donors, such as formate, H2 and...
journal article 2011