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Vavourakis, Charlotte D. (author), Mehrshad, Maliheh (author), Balkema, Cherel (author), Van Hall, Rutger (author), Andrei, Adrian ┼×tefan (author), Ghai, Rohit (author), Sorokin, D. (author), Muyzer, Gerard (author)
Background: The planetary sulfur cycle is a complex web of chemical reactions that can be microbial-mediated or can occur spontaneously in the environment, depending on the temperature and pH. Inorganic sulfur compounds can serve as energy sources for specialized prokaryotes and are important substrates for microbial growth in general. Here,...
journal article 2019
Sorokin, D.Y. (author), Muyzer, G. (author)
An anaerobic enrichment with pyruvate as electron donor and thiosulfate at pH 10 and 0.6 M Na? inoculated with pasteurized soda lake sediments resulted in a sulfidogenic coculture of two morphotypes of obligately anaerobic haloalkaliphilic endospore-forming clostridia, which were further isolated in pure culture. Strain AHT16 was a thin long rod...
journal article 2010