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Bomer, N. (author), Den Hollander, W.T.H.F. (author), Ramos, Y.F.M. (author), Bos, S.D. (author), Van der Breggen, R. (author), Lakenberg, N. (author), Pepers, B.A. (author), Van Eeden, A.E. (author), Darvishan, A. (author), Tobi, E.W. (author), Duijnisveld, B.J. (author), Van den Akker, E.B. (author), Heijmans, B.T. (author), Van Roon-Mom, W.M.C. (author), Verbeek, F.J. (author), Osch, G.J.V.M. (author), Nelissen, R.G.H.H. (author), Slagboom, P.E. (author), Meulenbelt, I. (author)
Objectives: To investigate how the genetic susceptibility gene DIO2 confers risk to osteoarthritis (OA) onset in humans and to explore whether counteracting the deleterious effect could contribute to novel therapeutic approaches. Methods: Epigenetically regulated expression of DIO2 was explored by assessing methylation of positional CpG...
journal article 2015