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Menenti, M. (author), Li, X. (author), Wang, J. (author), Vereecken, H. (author), Li, J. (author), Mancini, M. (author), Liu, Q. (author), Jia, L. (author), Li, J. (author), Kuenzer, C. (author), Huang, S. (author), Yesou, H. (author), Wen, J. (author), Kerr, Y. (author), Cheng, X. (author), Gourmelen, N. (author), Ke, C. (author), Ludwig, R. (author), Lin, H. (author), Eineder, M. (author), Ma, Y. (author), Su, Z.B. (author)
Ten Dragon 3 projects deal with hydrologic and cryosphere processes, with a focus on the Himalayas and Qinghai – Tibet Plateau, but not limited to that. At the 1st Dragon 3 Progress Symposium in 2013 a significant potential for a better and deeper integration appeared very clearly and we worked out an overview of the ten projects identifying...
conference paper 2015
Su, J.F. (author), Wang, X.Y (author), Huang, Z. (author), Zhao, Y.H. (author), Yuan, X.Y. (author)
Microencapsulated phase change materials (microPCMs) have been widely applied in solid matrix as thermal-storage or temperature-controlling functional composites. The thermal conductivity of these microPCMs/matrix composites is an important property need to be considered. In this study, a series of microPCMs have been fabricated using the in...
journal article 2011