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Dövencioglu, D.N. (author), Wijntjes, M.W.A. (author), Ben-Sharar, O. (author), Doerschner, K. (author)
In dynamic scenes, relative motion between the object, the observer, and/or the environment projects as dynamic visual information onto the retina (optic flow) that facilitates 3D shape perception. When the object is diffusely reflective, e.g. a matte painted surface, this optic flow is directly linked to object shape, a property found at the...
journal article 2015
Wijntjes, W.A. (author), Doerschner, K. (author), Kucukoglu, G. (author), Pont, S.C. (author)
Among other cues, the visual system uses shading to infer the 3D shape of objects. The shading pattern depends on the illumination and reflectance properties (BRDF). In this study, we compared 3D shape perception between identical shapes with different BRDFs. The stimuli were photographed 3D printed random smooth shapes that were either painted...
journal article 2011