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Tirumalasetty, G.K. (author), Fang, C.M. (author), Jansen, J. (author), Yokosawa, T. (author), Boeije, M.J.F. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Van Huis, M.A. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author)
Chromium (Cr), Manganese (Mn), and Carbon (C) are well known alloying elements used in technologically important alloy steels and advanced high strength steels. It is known that binary CrCx and MnCx carbides can be formed in steels, but in this study we reveal for the first time that Cr and Mn were found combined in novel ternary cementite type ...
journal article 2014
Tirumalasetty, G.K. (author), Fang, C.M. (author), Xu, Q. (author), Jansen, J. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Van Huis, M.A. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author)
A transmission electron microscopy study was conducted on nanoprecipitates formed in Ti microalloyed transformation-inducedplasticity-assisted steels, revealing the presence of Ti(N), Ti2CS and a novel type of ultra-fine Fe(C) precipitate. The matrix/precipitate orientation relationships, sizes and shapes were investigated in detail. The...
journal article 2012
Fang, C.M. (author), Van Huis, M.A. (author), Jansen, J. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author)
Although Fe2C and Fe2N are technologically important materials, the exact nature of the chemical bonding of C and N atoms and the related impact on the electronic properties are at present unclear. Here, results of first-principles electronic structure calculations for Fe2X (X = C, N) phases are presented. The electronic structure calculations...
journal article 2011