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Zhang, H. (author)
Cementitious materials are heterogeneous on mutliple length scales, from nanometres to metres. Consequently, their macroscopic mechanical properties are affected by material structures at all length scales. In pursuit of fundamental understanding the relationship between their multiscale heterogeneous material structure and mechanical properties...
doctoral thesis 2019
Palin, D. (author), Mo, Yu (author), Wiktor, V.A.C. (author), Jonkers, H.M. (author)
Presented is a modified test for generating crack permeability data for cementitious materials. Single-parallel cracks were generated in mortar specimens. The width of the cracks was analysed through stereomicroscope and computer tomography, and the water permeability of the cracks was determined. Reduction factors and crack flow models were...
journal article 2019
Lv, Leyang (author), Schlangen, H.E.J.G. (author), Xing, Feng (author)
Water ingress into cracked concrete structures is a serious problem, as it can cause leakage and reinforcement corrosion and thus reduce functionality and safety of the structures. In this study, the application of water-swelling rubber particles for providing the cracked concrete a self-sealing function was developed. The feasibility of...
journal article 2017