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Knickel, K (author), Redman, M. (author), Darnhofer, I. (author), Ashkenazy, A. (author), Calvão Chebach, T. (author), Šumane, Sandra (author), Tisenkopfs, Talis (author), Zemeckis, R. (author), Atkociuniene, V. (author), Rivera, M (author), Strauss, A (author), Kristensen, L. S. (author), de Schiller, S (author), Koopmans, M. E. (author), Rogge, E. (author)
This paper explores the connections between farm modernisation, rural development and the resilience of agricultural and rural systems. The paper starts by ascertaining why agricultural and food systems need to change systemically. Evidence from case studies in fourteen countries is used to explore the possibilities for, and drivers and...
journal article 2017
Di Maio, F. (author), Rem, P.C. (author)
In order to move towards a more sustainable development, it is necessary not only to minimize the use of materials in the design stage and to find new materials as alternatives to nonrenewable ones (e.g. optical fiber instead of copper, biopolymers instead of polymers from oil) but also to reclaim as much as possible material value through...
journal article 2015