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Hu, B. (author), Hidders, A.J.H. (author), De Lignie, M. (author), Cimiano, P. (author)
When carrying out tasks, police officers need up-to-date information contextualized to their current situation to support them in decision making. The results of a previous user study with the aim of capturing the information requirements of police officers have led to the implementation of a rule-based system for contextualized information...
conference paper 2011
Hu, B.B. (author)
An increasing number of mobile users demand adaptive services tailored to their specific requirements in a particular situation. Typically, when carrying out the task at hand, police officers need to have up-to-date information contextualized to their current situation in order to support their decision making. In contrast to the traditional...
doctoral thesis 2011
Van den Brink, L. (author), Janssen, P. (author), Quak, W. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
Linked data provide an alternative route for the dissemination of spatial information compared to the traditional SOA-based SDI approach. The traditional approach has provided a wealth of standardized and structured location data based on Geography Markup Language (GML), while linked data provides an open mechanism for sharing and combining this...
journal article 2014