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Vassalo, Carmine (author), Zampetti, Fiorelli (author), Romano, D. (author), Beller, M.M. (author), Panichella, A. (author), Di Penta, M (author), Zaidman, A.E. (author)
Continuous Delivery is an agile software develop- ment practice in which developers frequently integrate changes into the main development line and produce releases of their software. An automated Continuous Integration infrastructure builds and tests these changes. Claimed advantages of CD include early discovery of (integration) errors,...
conference paper 2016
Kats, L.C.L. (author), Vermaas, R. (author), Visser, E. (author)
The reliability of compilers, interpreters, and development environments for programming languages is essential for effective software development and maintenance. They are often tested only as an afterthought. Languages with a smaller scope, such as domain-specific languages, often remain untested. General-purpose testing techniques and test...
report 2011