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Schalkwijk, J. (author)
De vorige eeuw was getuige van de opkomst van numerieke weer- en klimaatmodellen. Weersvoorspelling, voorheen een empirische procedure gebaseerd op de persoonlijke ervaring van de meteoroloog, ontwikkelde zich tot een wetenschappelijke methode om de toekomstige toestand van de atmosfeer te voorspellen op basis van de huidige toestand en tendens....
doctoral thesis 2015
Cruz, P.J.S. (author), Veer, F.A. (author), Carvalho, P.L.L. (author)
The application of glass in contemporary architecture explores perceptual phenomenon that intentionally change the way we experience space. SANAA'S recent work uses glass in a radical way, proposing a renewed approach to transparency. The Toledo Glass Pavilion, with most spaces defined by glass walls, presents an intense visual experience. The...
conference paper 2010
Evers, L.G. (author)
Sound becomes inaudible if it consists of frequencies lower than 20 Hz, i.e. the human hearing threshold, and is called infrasound. Low frequency acoustic signals were first discovered after the eruption of the Krakatoa (Indonesia) in 1883. Due to its low frequency content, this infrasound traveled up to seven times around the globe while...
doctoral thesis 2008