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Moerland, R.J. (author), Weppelman, I.G.C. (author), Scotuzzi, M. (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author)
Many applications in (quantum) nanophotonics rely on controlling light-matter interaction through strong, nanoscale modification of the local density of states (LDOS). All-optical techniques probing emission dynamics in active media are commonly used to measure the LDOS and benchmark experimental performance against theoretical predictions....
journal article 2018
Narváez, A.C. (author)
Cathodoluminescence (CL), the excitation of light by an electron beam, has gained attention as an analysis tool for investigating the optical response of a structure, at a resolution that approaches that in electron microscopy, in the nanometer range. However, the application possibilities are limited because the use of transparent substrates,...
doctoral thesis 2014