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Yu, C. (author), Ganapathy, S. (author), van Eijck, L. (author), van Eck, Ernst R H (author), Zhang, Long (author), Basak, S. (author), Kelder, E.M. (author), Wagemaker, M. (author)
Cl makes it a promising solid electrolyte candidate for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries. For future application, it is essential to identify facile synthesis procedures and to relate the synthesis conditions to the solid electrolyte material performance. Here, a...
journal article 2018
Mescher, M. (author), Brinkman, A.G.M. (author), Bosma, D. (author), Klootwijk, J.H. (author), Sudhölter, E.J.R. (author), De Smet, L.C.P.M. (author)
In this study, we report on the electrical response of top-down, p-type silicon nanowire field-effect transistors exposed to water and mixtures of water and dioxane. First, the capacitive coupling of the back gate and the liquid gate via an Ag/AgCl electrode were compared in water. It was found that for liquid gating smaller potentials are...
journal article 2014