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Girão Coelho, A.M. (author), Bijlaard, F.S.K. (author)
The design of joints to European standard EN 1993 within the semi-continuous/partially restrained philosophy is restricted to steel grades up to S460. With the recent development of high performance steels, the need for these restrictions should be revisited. The semicontinuous joint modelling can be adopted as long as the joint develops...
journal article 2010
Qiang, X. (author)
The aim of this research is to reveal more information and understanding on behaviour and failure mechanisms of high strength steel endplate connections (combining high strength steel endplates with either mild steel or high strength steel beams and columns in endplate connections) in fire and after fire, for an effective application of high...
doctoral thesis 2013
Abspoel, R. (author)
In many steel structures like buildings, industrial halls and bridges, standardized hot-rolled sections are used. These sections are divided into specific types in Europe and similar profiles in the USA. The range of hot-rolled sections is limited and therefore fabricated plate girders are used when the standard hot-rolled sections do not meet...
doctoral thesis 2015