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Yao, Yue (author), Hu, Mingming (author), Di Maio, F. (author), Cucurachi, Stefano (author)
Three-dimensional (3D) printing and geo-polymers are two environmentally oriented innovations in concrete manufacturing. The 3D printing of concrete components aims to reduce raw material consumption and waste generation. Geo-polymer is being developed to replace ordinary Portland cement and reduce the carbon footprint of the binder in the...
journal article 2019
Vernay, A.B.H. (author)
Today, most cities function linearly. One way to improve their environmental performance is to make a transition from linear to Circular Urban Systems (CUS) so that part of the waste streams becomes valorised locally. This does not only require technical but also organisational and institutional changes. Moreover it implies that links have to be...
doctoral thesis 2013
Davis, C.B. (author), Nikoli?, I. (author), Dijkema, G.P.J. (author)
A method is presented that allows for a life cycle assessment (LCA) to provide environmental information on an energy infrastructure system while it evolves. Energy conversion facilities are represented in an agent-based model (ABM) as distinct instances of technologies with owners capable of making decisions based on economic and environmental...
journal article 2009