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Mäs, Michael (author), Helbing, D. (author)
Many sociological theories make critically different macropredictions when their microassumptions are implemented stochastically rather than deterministically. Deviations from individuals’ behavioral patterns described by microtheories can spark cascades that change macrooutcomes, even when deviations are rare and random. With two experiments...
journal article 2020
de Angelis, L. (author)
In this thesis, we explore the physics of optical singularities. We investigate them in light waves propagating randomly in a planar nanophotonic chip. With a custom-built nearfield microscope, we map the electromagnetic field resulting from the interference of these light waves. Our technique gives access to the full vectorial and complex...
doctoral thesis 2018
Liu, D. (author)
The infrastructure networks, including the Internet, telecommunication networks, electrical power grids, transportation networks (road, railway, waterway, and airway networks), gas networks and water networks, are becoming more and more complex. The complex infrastructure networks are crucial to our human society, and it has been a hot research ...
doctoral thesis 2013