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Leus, G. (author), Van Walree, P.A. (author)
A multiband OFDM transmitter and receiver are presented for underwater communications at low SNR. Compared with a single-band OFDMscheme, the multiband approach leads to a considerable reduction in the receiver complexity. The proposed system has been tested at sea with 16 subbands covering a total bandwidth of 3.6 kHz, at user data rates of 4.2...
journal article
Gunes, B. (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author), Verhaegen, M.H.G. (author)
In this paper, we present a novel multiple input multiple output (MIMO) linear parameter varying (LPV) state-space refinement system identification algorithm that uses tensor networks. Its novelty mainly lies in representing the LPV sub-Markov parameters, data and state-revealing matrix condensely and in exact manner using specific tensor...
journal article 2018
van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. (author)
The document contains a general theory towards the observation and optimal control of disturbed, target following aerospace systems. Disturbed, target following aerospace systems eire defined as aerospace systems that are designed to track a moving target system, while they are subjected to external, time-varying disturbances. The first five...
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