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Noble, Petria (author), van Loon, A. (author), van der Snickt, G.R. (author), Janssens, Koen (author), Alfeld, Matthias (author), Dik, J. (author)
Recent macro-XRF scanning of Rembrandt’s Selfportrait from 1669 in the Mauritshuis – as part of the ReVisRembrandt project – has revealed significant<br/>new information about the pigments and build-up of the painting. The elemental distribution maps make clear that the umber-rich ground plays a very important role in the final appearance of...
conference paper 2014
Dooley, Kathryn A. (author), Gifford, E. Melanie (author), van Loon, A. (author), Noble, Petria (author), Zeibel, Jason G. (author), Conover, Damon M. (author), Alfeld, Matthias (author), van der Snickt, G.R. (author), Legrand, Stijn (author), Janssens, Koen (author), Dik, J. (author), Delaney, John K. (author)
Late paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) offer intriguing problems for both art historians and conservation scientists. In the research presented here, the key question addressed is whether observed stylistic differences in paint handling can be correlated with material differences. In Saul and David, in the collection of the Royal...
journal article 2018
van Loon, A. (author), Noble, P. (author), de Man, D. (author), Alfeld, M.W.E.M. (author), Dore-Callewaert, T.W.J. (author), van der Snickt, G.R. (author), Janssens, K.E.J. (author), Dik, J. (author)
As part of the NWO Science4Arts REVISRembrandt project (2012–2018), novel chemical imaging techniques were developed and applied to the study of Rembrandt’s late experimental painting technique (1651–1669). One of the unique features in his late paintings is his abundant use of smalt: a blue cobalt glass pigment that he often combined with...
journal article 2020