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Legrand, S. (author), Vanmeert, F. (author), Van der Snickt, G. (author), Alfeld, M. (author), De Nolf, W. (author), Dik, J. (author), Janssens, K. (author)
The development of advanced methods for non-destructive selective imaging of painted works of art at the macroscopic level based on radiation in the X-ray and infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum are concisely reviewed. Such methods allow to either record depth-selective, element-selective or species-selective images of entire...
journal article 2014
Dooley, Kathryn A. (author), Gifford, E. Melanie (author), van Loon, A. (author), Noble, Petria (author), Zeibel, Jason G. (author), Conover, Damon M. (author), Alfeld, Matthias (author), van der Snickt, G.R. (author), Legrand, Stijn (author), Janssens, Koen (author), Dik, J. (author), Delaney, John K. (author)
Late paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) offer intriguing problems for both art historians and conservation scientists. In the research presented here, the key question addressed is whether observed stylistic differences in paint handling can be correlated with material differences. In Saul and David, in the collection of the Royal...
journal article 2018
Lanvin, Jean-Denis (author), Reuling, Didier (author), Legrand, Guillaume (author)
Hardwood housing especially from beech is one item of possible added value products based on solid wood and / or wood reconstituted in Europe. However, design of structures requires structural product with a certified strength according to regulatory framework of CE marking. French beech forest occupies about 1.4 Mha lead mainly in regular high...
conference paper 2019