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Cuerda, E. (author), Guerra Santin, O. (author), Neila Gonzalez, F.J. (author), Romero Herrera, N.A. (author)
Recent research has shown large differences between the expected and the actual energy consumption in buildings. The differences have been attributed partially, to the assumptions made during the design phase of buildings when simulation methods are employed. More accurate occupancy profiles on building operation could help to carry out more...
conference paper 2015
Thomsen, A.F. (author), van der Flier, C.L. (author)
Obsolescence is a serious threat for built property. As an often used demolition motive, obsolescence can be regarded as the last phase of the life span of buildings. From a sustainable viewpoint, life cycle extension is necessary to minimize waste. But there are more considerations to carefully maintain the existing stock. Knowledge about the...
conference paper 2012
Harputlugil, G.U. (author), Bedir, M. (author)
Simulation is claimed to be an effective tool in building design to degrade the systems integration matter into comprehension of designers with either a tool or a process related approach. In this study, pre-design phase is considered with energy performance point of view. Aim of the study is exploring integration possibilities of building...
conference paper 2008