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Charton, R.J.G. (author), Bertotti, G. (author), Arantegui, Angel (author), Bulot, Luc (author)
The occurrence of km-scale exhumations during syn- and post-rift stages has been documented along Atlantic continental margins, which are also characterised by basins undergoing substantial subsidence. The relationship between the exhuming and subsiding domains is poorly understood. In this study, we reconstruct the evolution of a 50 km long...
journal article 2018
Bertotti, G. (author), Arantegui, A. (author), Charton, R. (author), Luber, T. (author), Redfern, J. (author)
The Morocco segment of the Central Atlantic passive continental margin experienced km-scale exhumation during the early post-rift (late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous). In the Meseta and the High Atlas this led to the development of a N-S trending ridge sourcing terrigenous sediments which were brought to the Atlantic sea via wide rivers flowing on...
conference paper 2015