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Wang, H. (author), Tao, Y. (author), Temudo, M. (author), Schooneveld, M. (author), Bijl, H. (author), Ren, N. (author), Wolf, M. (author), Heine, C. (author), Foerster, A. (author), Pelenc, V. (author), Kloek, J. (author), Van Lier, J.B. (author), De Kreuk, M.K. (author)
Background Solid bio-wastes (or organic residues) are worldwide produced in high amount and increasingly considered bioenergy containers rather than waste products. A complete bioprocess from recalcitrant solid wastes to methane (SW2M) via anaerobic digestion (AD) is believed to be a sustainable way to utilize solid bio-wastes. However, the...
journal article 2015