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Van Daalen, C. (author), Schaffernicht, M. (author), Mayer, I. (author)
This paper deals with the relationship between serious games and system dynamics. Games have been used in SD since the beginning. However, the field of serious gaming also has its own development. The purpose of this contribution is to provide a broad overview of the combination of serious gaming and SD and discuss the state of the art and...
conference paper 2014
Mayer, I.S. (author), Zhou, Q. (author), Lo, J. (author), Abspoel, L. (author), Keijser, X. (author), Olsen, E. (author), Nixon, E. (author), Kannen, A. (author)
Marine ecosystems around the globe are increasingly affected by human activities such as fisheries, shipping, offshore petroleum developments, wind farms, recreation, tourism and more. Whereas the necessity and urgency to regulate and plan competing marine spatial claims is growing, the planning and regulation of these claims is even more...
conference paper 2012