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Mous, B.C. (author)
Against the background of enhanced hydraulic loads due to climate change there will be a need for improvement of the flood defence system in the Netherlands in the future. These days there is a growing interest in grass as a dike cover because it is a cheap and a sustainable dike protection. Yet at the moment there is a hiatus in the knowledge...
master thesis 2010
Moerman, E. (author), Drieman, R. (author), Mous, B. (author), Li, L. (author), Kluwen, J. (author), Van der Linde, P. (author), Ritsema, A. (author), Lioutas, A. (author), Monden, M. (author), Tsimopoulou, V. (author), Jumelet, D. (author), Bos, M. (author), Van der Zee, R. (author), Hoss, F. (author), Ros, R. (author)
The beach in front of the hotel Sirius is suffering from a retreating coastline. Bathymetry and beach profiles were measured. With the data from previous years the long term evolution of the coast was analyzed. The main conclusions were that the beach in front of the Sirius hotel is still suffering from erosion and if this erosion trend...
student report 2009