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Ackermann, L. (author), Tuimaka, Mahana (author), Pohlmeyer, A.E. (author), Mugge, R. (author)
Taking care of products is an important aspect of sustainable consumer behaviour, because it is an appropriate approach to prolong products' lifetimes. Although consumers in general agree on this and demonstrate a general motivation to take care of their products, previous research has shown that they struggle to repair, maintain or treat their...
conference paper 2019
Marques Ribeiro Da Silva Cas, M. (author), Mugge, R. (author), Desmet, P.M.A. (author)
Because products are often discarded while still fully functioning, it may be possible to support durability with design that stimulates a more enduring product-owner relationship. This paper is based on the proposition that one promising approach to support such prolonged relevance is by developing products with a higher predisposition for the...
conference paper 2015