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Mensch, Bas (author)
A split hopper barge is a dredging vessel that can split over its longitudinal axis to discharge its cargo. To allow for such an operation, the barge consists of two half-hulls that are connected by hinges at the top and hydraulic cylinders at the bottom. Any forces that act at the interface between the half-hulls have to be transferred by the...
master thesis 2017
Oude Ophuis, R.B.A. (author)
Offshore barge mooring is considered a critical operation. The vessels need to be in close proximity, but may under no circumstance collide. Mooring lines and fenders are installed to keep the vessels in place. Experience has shown that lines tend to break occasionally; one of the reasons for this can be the interaction effect of the two vessels...
master thesis 2016
Sutrisno, S. (author)
Floating breakwaters (FBs) have been widely used as an alternative solution to protect coastal sites especially small harbors and certain areas which are not suitable for rubble mound breakwaters. Floating breakwater cannot completely stop the incident wave action. Instead, it attenuates the wave action by partially transmitting, partially...
master thesis 2013