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Simons, C. (author)
Chemical production processes often require wasteful and expensive isolation as well as purification of intermediates. Catalytic cascades offer a unique opportunity to eliminate these inefficient and polluting steps, in particular when carefully orchestrated, involving enzymes and chemocatalysts. This thesis describes our efforts towards a...
doctoral thesis 2007
Van Pelt, S. (author)
Nitrile hydratases (NHases, E.C. catalyse the transformation of nitriles into the corresponding amides and were first discovered 30 years ago in studies on the microbial degradation of toxic cyano-group-containing compounds. The use of NHases in synthetic chemistry is especially interesting in conversions where the substrate or the...
doctoral thesis 2010
Boersema, M. (author), Vermeulen, B. (author), Torfs, P. (author), Hoitink, T. (author), Roelofs, G. (author), Van den Houten, G. (author)
Her en der worden in Nederland in beken en kleine rivieren vispasseerbare kunstwerken aangelegd om vismigratie mogelijk te maken en de ecologie van het systeem te verbeteren. Een veel voorkomende vispassage is de zogenaamde vispasseerbare stortsteen-bekkenpassage, ook wel cascade vistrap genoemd. Cascade vistrappen kunnen een opstuwende werking...
report 2011