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Kaji, A.O. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author), De Schipper, M.A. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
The Sand Motor is a pilot project of a ‘mega-nourishment’ built in the Dutch coast in 2011. In order to understand which conditions reshape those mega-nourishments the influence of different types of forcing on the longshore sediment transport along the Sand Motor has been assessed in this paper using a process-based model. The use of numerical...
conference paper 2014
Hoonhout, B.M. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), Velhorst, R.L.C. (author), de Vries, S. (author), Roelvink, J.A. (author)
Expanding knowledge concerning the close entanglement between subtidal and subaerial processes in coastal environments initiated the development of the open-source Windsurf modeling framework that enables us to simulate<br/>multi-fraction sediment transport due to subtidal and subaerial processes simultaneously. The Windsurf framework couples...
conference paper 2017