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Rijn, L.C. van (author)
report 1977
Hoogduin, L. (author)
The aim of this research is to determine to what extend the scour holes limit the sediment transport through the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier and whether or not human adaptations, like sand-nourishments in the scour holes, can have a positive effect on the sediment import. To investigate these scenarios a numerical model (Delft3D) is used...
master thesis 2009
De Bruijn, R.A. (author)
After the storm surge of 1953, the Dutch Delta project was initiated in order to protect the southwestern part of The Netherlands. A storm surge barrier in front of the Oosterschelde and various dams at the back of the estuary were constructed. These interventions led to a large change of the hydrodynamics of the Oosterschelde: a large decrease...
master thesis 2012