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Anonymus, A. (author)
Design manual for coastal structures. Note that this manual is replaced by the Coastal Engineering Manual. However, this document contains quite some useful information for present day coastal engineers
report 1984
Van der Velden, E.T.J.M. (author)
Introduction, waves, sediment transport, littoral transport, lonshore sediment transport, onshore-offshore sediment transport, coastal changes, dune erosion and storm surges, sedimentation in channels and trenches, coastal engineering in practice.
lecture notes 1989
Janssen, C.M. (author)
Cross-shore sediment transport is an important phenomenon in coastal engineering, which mainly accounts for the short-term changes in the coastline. To study on- and offshore transport the evolution of the beach profile is considered. For investigation of the beach profile small-scale physical models are often used. A problem in using a physical...
master thesis 1993