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Hopmans, R. (author), Van Kessel, L. (author), Lendering, K. (author), Oud, M. (author), Tromp, R. (author)
The harbor of Surgidero de Batabano is a harbor that lies in the Gulf of Batabano in the South-Western part of Cuba. It serves as a connection between the main land of Cuba and the islands 'Isla de la Juventud' and Cayo Largo. The Batabano harbor suffers from sediment accretion. The accretion of sediment is harmful to port operations, since the...
student report 2011
Umapathy, S. (author)
The study focuses on the impact of human interventions on the natural behaviour of estuaries in response to sea-level rise. In particular it focuses on the affect of managed realignment on the critical sea level rise (SLRcrit) for the Poole Harbour. Numerical model ASMITA (Aggregated Scale Morphological Interaction between a Tidal inlet and the...
master thesis 2009